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Myelin is a Kubernetes native end to end machine learning framework. It enables data scientists and machine learning engineers to train, deploy and monitor machine learning models.

What is Myelin?

Cloud native

Myelin is designed from the ground up to run on Kubernetes.

Self-healing deployments

Machine learning deployments are monitored and restored if their performance deteriorates.

End to end

Myelin provides tools to train, deploy and monitor your algorithm.


Introducing declarative machine learning

Myelin was inspired by the philosophy of Kubernetes, where the user describes the desired state of a machine learning deployment and Myelin works out the best way to achieve that state.

In a simple case, the desired state might include a single model that is trained and deployed, serving accurate predictions. When the model performance drops, Myelin retrains the model and replaces the inaccurate one.

Automated deployments

Myelin is designed to manage machine learning deployments without human intervention.

Advanced scenarios

Myelin covers a wide range of scenarios to allow users to express the desired state of complex deployments.

Product & Support


Auto ML training and deployment.

Model Graph Deployment

Automated Model Deployment, SSL, Authentication, Model Graph.

Hyperparameter Tuning

Distributed Hyperparameter tuning using state of the art optimisation algorithms.

Distributed Training

Distributed training.

Infrastructure Provisioning

Cloud native Infrastructure Provisioning.

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  • 10 Deployed Models
  • No Support
  • No Model Optimisation
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  • Unlimited Deployed Models
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Quaterly Model Optimisation
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  • Unlimited Deployed Models
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Monthly Model Optimisation
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